About us

In 2006 Teknika was founded, a manufacturer of mosquito nets; the first operational headquarters finds space in a shed of about 1500 square meters in Suno, in the province of Novara. In 2007 it presents on the market the first mosquito net with tank and low guide with flat cloth, it was called “Lateral Special” (now produced out of range). Thanks to this incredible innovation, the company had considerable growth. In 2009 Teknika decided to create its own line of windings, introducing on the market “Arialuce”, a product that significantly changed the concept of winding. Now a reference point of the market and strong of the boost given by excellent products, such as “Comfort”, “Tpc”, and “Evo” in 2012 Teknika moves to the new production center of 6000 square meters, where it continues to innovate the market with “Unika”, “Roll-net” and “Duero”. In 2014 Teknika opened a completely new branch of the company becoming the first manufacturer of monoblocks for construction in the North West of Italy, among the first at national level. To date, in 2021, with over 23000 square meters covered with production areas, it is a consolidated national and international reality, always present at the most prestigious exhibition facilities in Italy and abroad, exports weekly material to different EU countries and works with stable customers on the 4 largest continents of the world.