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Roller shutters and sunshades DR30 AIR

DR30 AIR is an insulated aluminum roller shutter with flat ribs H 30 mm which have, in the profile hook, the 90 mm wide slots. Its straight and pure lines combine the contemporaneity of the design with the functionality of a roller shutter which, unlike traditional models, offers, with the fabric lowered and with the holes open, greater ventilation, entry of sunlight, external visibility in total respect of safety and privacy. Furthermore, its shape allows to use, during the assembly phase, both external and internal winding.

Item code: DR30 AIR

Data Sheet


Normal size
8,5 x 30 mm
Weight per square meter
Ca. 3,80 kg
Ca. 4,90 kg
Maximum width
3500 mm
Slats for one meter height

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Rolling diameter chart su rullo da 60 Ø

Rolling diameter chart

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Roller shutters and sunshades

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