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How to improve home air quality without opening windows and wasting energy?

Decentralized mechanical controlled ventilation – High levels of air filtration – Heat recovery – 5 speeds and automatic program

Why Aircare ES?

Aircare ES is able to refresh the air in residential buildings, offices, schools and hotels, both new constructions or renovations. 

Keeping constant air exchange, combined with electric and thermal energy saving, helps improving the building energy class. Only with the mechanical controlled ventilation a building can reach the highest efficiency levels, without compromising the internal air quality.

Aircare ES has a clean design, thanks to the characteristic style of Pininfarina; that’s why it can easily integrate in any architectural project.

(*) Measurements in compliance with EN 13141-8 regulation
(**) These values can by used to compare with products from other brands
(***) Measurements are taken in the center of the room with normalized environment (with a reverb equal to 0,5 seconds).

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